Confucius say…

“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”

I will not be so overzealous or vainglorious to liken this blog and its contents to that of one of the most sought-after gems on the face of the planet. Don’t get me wrong, my mind and its outpouring of thoughts, ideas, musings, etc. is as multifaceted as that brilliant seven-letter rock. But let’s be real here. This is a creative and personal space I’ve decided to carve out on the interweb, with the intention of chronicling my growth as a designer and a creative. Right now it’s quite the pebble.

Being a perfectionist, I found myself belaboring over the theme, the title, and the dashboard image. Because it wasn’t “perfect,” I opted not to launch it; however, after receiving critiques from friends and giving it more some thought, I have decided to just go ahead and activate it.

Excellence be damned! This is a work in progress – as it should be.