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What’s in a Name?

Naming your blog is a serious matter! I googled the phrase “coming up with a blog” and received 35,200,000 responses! As mentioned before, one of the main issues I was having prior to… Continue reading

Confucius say…

“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” I will not be so overzealous or vainglorious to liken this blog and its contents to that of one of the most sought-after… Continue reading

"Don’t Look Back." But I Did. Then I Posted Something About It.

Entry for Friday, 1/21/11 Subjects: Inspiration, Music & ┬áSocial Media My Passion: In my spare time (when I have it these days) I enjoy listening to music and attending local concerts and rock… Continue reading

"Women Filling Up Coding Workshops" Really?

Entry for Tuesday, 1/18/11 Subjects: Inspiration & Education Sarah Mei and Sarah Allen are two women in the San Francisco who have joined forces in an effort to increase the number of female… Continue reading

Acknowledging My Digital Routine

Entry for Monday, 1/18/11 Subjects: Inspiration, Communication, and Education There are several websites I visit on a daily basis via my MacBook and/or desktop PC. They are listed below in no particular order… Continue reading

Helpful Design Websites

Entry for Sunday, 1/16/11 Subjects: Inspiration & Education   While looking through websites for an assignment I came across a number of pages that may be useful down the road. DesignCharts: is a… Continue reading