Bumper Sticker POW-er

Entry for Tuesday, 1/25/11
Subject: Inspiration

I don’t cover my car in stickers, but I find it amusing to read other people who choose to make their vehicles mobile billboards. First amendment rights at work; free speech at its best (or worst) depending upon how you feel about it. If anything, the car owner is certainly self-aware!

  • What Would Morrissey Do?
  • Keep Corporations Out of Politics!
  • Co-ops Rock!
  • Love Asheville: Put Your $ Where Your ♥ Is: Buy Local
  • Go Vegan!
  • reading is sexy
  • I express my individuality through mass-produced bumper stickers
  • Gentrification is the destruction of a community when it is characterized by adding things like coffee shops and art galleries and the rent increases to remove “undesirables.” At this point the yuppies move in. (© microcosmpublishing.com)
  • Slow. ZOMBIE crossing
  • homophobia is so gay
  • Break the Chains! Stop at Independent Stores
  • Repeal DADT Now!
  • There Is No Mad Tofu Disease
  • Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Logo = Two Yellow Bars on a Blue Square

Only in America! The ability to express a total of 14 different viewpoints (and I missed one on the far right – so 15 essentially) on a bumper is kind of amazing if you think about it. Definitely inspiring. The driver has a lot of guts to put his/her opinions out there and there’s something commendable about that.

The words on the  “Gentrification is…” bumper sticker were too small to read, so I entered that phrase into a search engine and found the website for its creator: Microcosm Publishing. I thought that made the I’ve included a link to the site because I think the layout and design are fantastic! Check it out here: http://microcosmpublishing.com/

My initial thought was that the small type was ineffective, but by making me search for it online, I not only found the site, Facebook “liked” it, and signed up for the mailing list, but put posted it on my Facebook page on this blog. Talk about good marketing!