This Is My Life for the Next Year…At Least.

Entry for Tuesday, 1/25/11
Subject: Inspiration & Education

My arch nemeses for the past several weeks have been the computer mouse attached to my desktop PC and the track pad on my MacBook Pro. For me, part of the design process is very tactile and hands on – like sketching, drawing, painting, pasting, and cutting. A mouse just simply isn’t the same as a stylus, period. At my wit’s end in my IMD 130 Flash class and at my instructor’s recommendation, I bit the bullet and ordered a Wacom Tablet Intuos4 Small (and what better time to purchase products like this then while you’re in school = academic discount!) Below is a screenshot of the model I now have and am learning to use. Visit the Wacom Technology website at:

It has since arrived in the mail and I have to admit, I opened the box like a giddy little schoolgirl! Below are the pictures of my design tool that will hopefully help me perfect my designs! Consider it another “tool” for my design box!
Oh and I would be remiss if didn’t include a snapshot of my course texts (both required and suggested). I’m going to learn this material if it’s the last thing I do, gosh darn it!
So friends and family, if I happen to disappear for the next several months, you’ll know what I’m up to and why my social calendar will be non-existent.