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History Repeating Itself? Paul McCartney: Part 1

A week ago yesterday, I had experienced the Sir Paul McCartney “Out There” concert from fourth row centerfield at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. While I’ve uploaded several photos to my Twitter page following the nearly 3-hour show,… Continue reading

This Is My Life for the Next Year…At Least.

Entry for Tuesday, 1/25/11 Subject: Inspiration & Education My arch nemeses for the past several weeks have been the computer mouse attached to my desktop PC and the track pad on my MacBook… Continue reading

The Sea Gulls Have Landed

Entry for Sunday, 1/23/11 Subjects: Inspiration & Education If you live in the United States – especially in parts of the country prone to extreme weather – you probably have heard of and… Continue reading

Bookstores of Suburbia

Entry for Sunday, 1/23/11 Subjects: Inspiration & Education My Rolling Stone issue (#1122) with Jimmy Fallon on the cover was long overdue via the mail, so on Sunday, January 23, 2011, after visiting… Continue reading

Fortune Cookie Truth

Entry for Saturday, 1/22/11 Subject: Education & Inspiration It’s not often, but sometimes, there is a fortune worthy enough to be hidden in a cookie. Thank you Hunan Legend.

What’s What: CopyRIGHT and CopyWRONG

You’ve seen it before – it’s one of the most powerful internationally recognized symbols that exists today. For those who aren’t familiar with the above icon, it’s known as the copyright symbol. It’s… Continue reading

FLASH Class Project

Entry for Tuesday, 1/18/11 Subject: Creation Whenever I hear the two words “Flash Class,” my mind goes directly to Jennifer Beals and “Flashdance.” Given the obstacles faced in this course – language barrier,… Continue reading

"Women Filling Up Coding Workshops" Really?

Entry for Tuesday, 1/18/11 Subjects: Inspiration & Education Sarah Mei and Sarah Allen are two women in the San Francisco who have joined forces in an effort to increase the number of female… Continue reading

Acknowledging My Digital Routine

Entry for Monday, 1/18/11 Subjects: Inspiration, Communication, and Education There are several websites I visit on a daily basis via my MacBook and/or desktop PC. They are listed below in no particular order… Continue reading

Helpful Design Websites

Entry for Sunday, 1/16/11 Subjects: Inspiration & Education   While looking through websites for an assignment I came across a number of pages that may be useful down the road. DesignCharts: is a… Continue reading