Ah Nostalgia, How You Make Me Smile

Entry for Monday, 1/24/11
Subjects: Inspiration & Education

Over the weekend, I spent time at my parents house purging, donating, and reorganizing items in my personal section of the family’s shared storage room. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Ever since serving as a Peace Corps health volunteer in Africa, I’ve come to adopt the credo of “accumulate less, live more.” That’s not the purpose of this post, however.  During the many hours of processing my things, I came across a pamphlet for a writing/correspondence course. I scanned both sides of the the brochure and have included the images below – for your enjoyment.

It truly is an hysterical retrospective on society and women’s place within it.  Faith Baldwin wants you to send away for the ‘Famous Writers’ Aptitude Test,’ because “It’s a shame more women don’t take up writing.”

What the heck, sign me up Faith! Clearly, this is what I need to succeed! Why did I waste all that money on “J” school?

UPDATE: Stop the presses! Upon some further quick research, I’ve discovered that the “Famous Writers School” is still in operation! Here is the link to their website: http://www.famous-writers-school.com/fws.html/

Funny, I’ve never heard of writing being equated to cooking (but I guess I can see how they might be similar). I wonder if they know they have a typo on their first page?

“You’ll learn how to get your reader’s attention. How to keep his interest high And how to wind up with a smashing ending she won’t forget. You’ll be writing with skill and flair… professionally.”