Spies & Food = Art?

Entry for Saturday, 1/15/11
Subject: Inspiration

I spy, with my little eye…..DESIGN. It’s everywhere and ever since I’ve begun studying web and graphic design, I’ve been looking at life from a designer’s perspective.

On Saturday I participated in “Operation Spy” at the International Spy Museum in the Penn Quarter section of Washington, D.C. The Los Angeles Times described the exhibit as: “The capital’s latest intrigue, a new interactive experience that incorporates exhibits, movies, computer games, theatrical shows and rides into one exhilarating adventure. It also packs plenty of intrigue and derring-do. Unlike traditional museums, where guests read and gawk at displays, here, they can become a spy — at least for an hour.” (Susan Lendroth, October 03, 2007). Spy Museum Website: http://www.spymuseum.org/

While we couldn’t take pictures inside the exhibit, I remember most of the experience rather vividly. The production/design team spared no expense at transforming this small patch of DC real estate into a fictional Sub-Saharan destination. Everywhere you looked there were details that made you feel like you were in a foreign land. It was truly a feast for all the senses.

Below is a photo of the ticket stub. The design is simple, yet very effective. It reminds me of the comic strip character Dick Tracy. There are three main colors: Red, Black, & White and the design firm/designer used negative space well. The font is simple and the message is clear and can be read from both up close and far away. The image of the “Inspector Gadget”-type man in a fleeing position is universally recognizable as well.

After the Spy Museum, my friend and I headed over to the Eastern Market section of Washington, D.C. and dined at Belga Cafe. For more information: http://www.belgacafe.com/.

Once again – DESIGN IS EVERYWHERE – but you have to open your eyes!

Who would have thought venison, pumpkin puree, couscous, and a pear could look more like artwork than a meal? Take a look: presentation makes all the difference!