Ah Nostalgia, How You Make Me Smile

Entry for Monday, 1/24/11 Subjects: Inspiration & Education Over the weekend, I spent time at my parents house purging, donating, and reorganizing items in my personal section of the family’s shared storage room.… Continue reading

The Sea Gulls Have Landed

Entry for Sunday, 1/23/11 Subjects: Inspiration & Education If you live in the United States – especially in parts of the country prone to extreme weather – you probably have heard of and… Continue reading

Bookstores of Suburbia

Entry for Sunday, 1/23/11 Subjects: Inspiration & Education My Rolling Stone issue (#1122) with Jimmy Fallon on the cover was long overdue via the mail, so on Sunday, January 23, 2011, after visiting… Continue reading

Fortune Cookie Truth

Entry for Saturday, 1/22/11 Subject: Education & Inspiration It’s not often, but sometimes, there is a fortune worthy enough to be hidden in a cookie. Thank you Hunan Legend.

Concept Restaurants & Bars: Food for Thought.

Entry for Saturday, 1/22/11 Subject: Food & Inspiration On Friday night,  I went out to dinner and later for drinks in Arlington, VA. My friend and I had decided upon a brand new… Continue reading

"Don’t Look Back." But I Did. Then I Posted Something About It.

Entry for Friday, 1/21/11 Subjects: Inspiration, Music &  Social Media My Passion: In my spare time (when I have it these days) I enjoy listening to music and attending local concerts and rock… Continue reading

Walk Home from Shaw Metro – A Photographic Journey

Entry for Friday, 1/21/11 Subject: Inspiration & Photography Thursday night I walked home from the Metro and was inspired to chronicle my journey with my iPhone 4 camera (some were taken withe basic… Continue reading

Just Like Heaven? Sign Me Up Mr. Jackson!

Entry for Wednesday, 1/19/10 Subject: Inspiration © Cover Art: Yoori Kim (design); Daniel Lee (photo-illustration) I read Alice Sebold’s New York Times best-selling novel, The Lovely Bones, shortly after it was published in… Continue reading

What’s What: CopyRIGHT and CopyWRONG

You’ve seen it before – it’s one of the most powerful internationally recognized symbols that exists today. For those who aren’t familiar with the above icon, it’s known as the copyright symbol. It’s… Continue reading

I Have an Addiction…to PHOTO BOOTHS!

Entry for Tuesday, 1/18/11 Subject: Inspiration & Creation   “Vision: It reaches beyond the thing that is, into the conception of what can be. Imagination gives you the picture. Vision gives you the impulse… Continue reading