Viva La Vinyl!

Celebration of grooved wax discs need not one day for celebration – but 365. Analog life is one filled with sounds robust and artwork aplenty. 78, 45, 33 & 1/3, spin! With less than five minutes left to the 5th Annual Record Store Day, I’d like to share with you the tiny corner of my universe dedicated to all things vinyl.

**The bonus fold-out posters above the Sony receiver & record player came from two vintage albums – part of the collection inherited from my parents – 1978’s Peter Frampton & The Bee Gees “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band Soundtrack (art by the late Birney Lettick) and 1969’s Rolling Stone’s “Let It Bleed” (poster design Victor Kahn) – which, incidentally, is going for $164 on eBay right now! The Beatles’ “White Album” odd-shaped poster insert will soon be joining these two rare finds once it’s framed.**


Hopefully, you had a chance to visit a record store today or at least play some of your own at home. Keith Richards, et al. might not be known for sage life advice, but they’ve outlived many of their rock and roll peers, and they’re rumored to even have a 2013 tour in the works! Clearly they’re doing something¬†right. Take heed to these liner notes: “THIS RECORD SHOULD BE PLAYED LOUD.” Turn it up – heck, make ’em “go to 11!”

Any Saturday-morning-cartoon-watching kid knows “Knowledge is Power!” Educate yourself and become part of the conversation. To learn more about Record Store Day & the albums and artists mentioned above please visit:

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