“Like Ma Bell, I’ve Got the Ill Communication”

One hundred and thirty-six years ago today, a 29-year-old Alexander Graham Bell transformed the way people communicate by patenting the telephone. Now, after getting over the initial feeling of inadequacy (while I’ve accomplished quite a great deal by 31, nothing compares to that feat or societal contribution), I reflected on what it would be like without phones…

Alexander Graham Bell Patents The Telephone

(* Photo is from History.com’s “This Day in History” section. Because it changes every day, I took a screenshot and formatted it.*)

There’s a lot more where that came from; however, because of this amazing invention, I’ve had a change of plans for the evening and must step out. Let’s just say, when one door slams shut (in your face, for no reason whatsoever), a window opens. I’m about to jump through that window – so wish me well.

And now, for some Beastie Boys – a trio of men who also revolutionized communication through hip hop back in the ’80s.